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Episode 14: Something Fishy is Going On.

Fish Bite Box:  $2 box of Checkers’ take on Fish and Chips.  The fish has little bit of  peppery kick, and is nicely flaky and the breading is crispy.  The fries are seasoned and delicious.  This might be my Lenten alternate to the Chicken and Fry box.  It’s much better than Fish Fingers and Custard, thank you very much Doctor.  Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Scales.

Deep Sea Double:  Two-patty fish sandwich.  The fish is flaky, and the breading crispy.  Add a slice of cheese, lettuce and Tartar sauce and it’s hard to go wrong.  The bun isn’t overwhelming, which can happen with fish and chicken sandwiches.  It is for big appetites, but if you need a smaller sammy, try the Crispy Fish Sandwich.  Both are winners in my book.  Rating:  4 out of 5 Scales.