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Episode 19: No Whales Were Injured During The Filming of This Episode

BK Big Fish:  At first it was a plain-Jane fish sandwich, not remarkable in today’s fish sandwich market.  But then the pickle started to come through, as well as a light lemon note and all bets were off.  This sandwich is a winner among fish sandwiches.  I love the others, but the BK Big Fish just grows on you.  Plus it has a brioche bun.  I know I called it fancy, but hey, who doesn’t like to be wined and dined every once in a while?  That being said, the BK Big Fish will probably be a rarity for me, but only because I don’t want to spoil myself.  Reflecting on the recent fish sandwich episodes, I have to say that I am most likely to return to the Fillet-o-Fish, only because it has a nostalgia for me, and pairs well with Orange Hi-C.  Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Whales.

Chicken Strips:  Solid Chicken Strips are always welcome on my plate.  The all-white-meat is flavorful, while breading has a nice, light, peppery taste.  Plain, they’re good enough, but add some Buffalo sauce, and, pow, these things have my mouth watering.  I think that sauce would be good on the onion rings, too.  It’s got some kick, but the flavor of this buffalo sauce is good.  I would maybe add some more Frank’s, but I’m a heat freak.  Rating:  4.5 out of 5 Whales.

Onion Rings:  They’re rings.  They taste like onion.  But do they have any onion?  I know onion rings are hard to get right, and when they’re done right, they are the only choice for a side.  But, hey, dip these onion rings in the Buffalo Sauce.  Wow, that’s good.  Rating:  2 out of 5 Whales (without Sauce)/3.5 out of 5 Whales (with sauce).

Hershey’s Sundae Pie:  Chocolate cookie, chocolate mousse, whipper cream and cookie cream filling with a chocolate drizzle topping.  Yeah, it’s over the top, but it tastes good.  Rating:  3.5 out of 5 Whales.

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