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Episode 21:  MI, That’s A Good Dog

Papa’s Dogs and More Pretzel Bun:  Topped with Yellow Mustard, Onions and Coney Sauce.  The dense pretzel bun is great, and the dog is a high quality dog that pairs well with the bun.  As a Detroit Fanatic, I love a good coney, and this dog is a great alternative to the traditional coney.  The only thing about this dog is that the bun is a little on the salty side.  The bun has a great pretzel flavor that does not otherwise compromise the flavor of the dog.  Add coney sauce, onions and mustard you got yourself a great find.  Rating:  4 out of 5 Dads.

PD&M Honey Wheat Bun:  Topped with Onions, Yellow Mustard, Coney Sauce, Cheese, Pickle Shreddies.  A departure, condiment wise, from a true coney, but with the sweetness of the honey wheat bun, I think it was a good call.  The bun here is a little on the heavy side, not as dense, but more pound-cake-like.  The sweeter bun and dog combo still works, and is quite appealing.  The extra chewing is weird at first, but in order to support the dog as they cook, I can see why they use a denser, heavier bun.  Rating:  3.5 out of 5 Dads.

Snicker Doodle Cookie:  A delicate shell surrounding an almost creamy cookie.  This is a great cookie, and a nice desert after some great dogs.  The cinnamon is perfect to transition from savory to sweet.  It is a crisp on the edges, and chewy in the middle, the prefect kind of cookie.  Rating:  4.5 out of 5 Dads.

Orange Creamcicle Cookie:  Get it.  White chocolate chunks in an orange zest-infused sugar cookie.  Orange cream is so good.  Yeah, go get one, now.  Rating:  5 out of 5 Dads.

Faygo and Better Made Chips are always a 5 out of 5 in my book, especially when the Detroit Tigers win a day game against a potential ALCS contender.  Happy Baseball Season, and if you’re at the park this summer, are you gonna finish that?